Visconti-Sforza Tarot Cards (page 4/8)

[picture: Four of Coins]

Four of Coins

coins-04 [$]

[picture: Five of Coins]

Five of Coins

coins-05 [$]

[picture: Six of Coins]

Six of Coins

coins-06 [$]

[picture: Seven of Coins]

Seven of Coins

coins-07 [$]

[picture: Eight of Coins]

Eight of Coins

coins-08 [$]

[picture: Nine of Coins]

Nine of Coins

coins-09 [$]

[picture: Ten of Coins]

Ten of Coins

coins-10 [$]

[picture: Knave of Coins.]

Knave of Coins.

coins-11-knave [$]

[picture: Queen of Coins.]

Queen of Coins.

coins-13-queen [$]

[picture: King of Coins.]

King of Coins.

coins-14-king [$]

[picture: Ace of Cups.]

Ace of Cups.

cups-01-ace [$]

[picture: Deuce of Cups.]

Deuce of Cups.

cups-02-deuce [$]

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