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Title: Travels Around the World

Author: Seward, William H.

City: New York

Date: 1873

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[picture: Jaffa]


A version of the Jaffa picture cut down so you can use it as a desktop image (wallpaper, as Windows people say). [more...]

[picture: Gate at Karnak]

Gate at Karnak

[Karnak] is the most imposing ruin in the world, devastated sadly, but not in a heap of débris. The ruins cover an area of nearly two miles in circumference. Was there one symmetrial structure, dedicated to one worship, or was there a combination of many temples, dedicated to many gods? The former idea is supported by the fact that there are still traceable twelve approaches to the ruins, in different [...] [more...]

[picture: Temple of Dendera]

Temple of Dendera

It is more modern and better preserved, though less interesting, than the Memnonium. Its construction was begun by one of the Ptolemies, two hundred and fifty years before the Christian era, and was completed under the Emperor Tiberius, while our Saviour was yet living in jerusalem. Some of its decorations were added in the reign of Nero. It has [...] [more...]

[picture: Jaffa]


(p. 626). Historians belive that Jaffa is the only port in the world which can boast uninterrupted inhabitation throughout its entire existence. The Canaanites founded the city in the 18th [...]the beautiful). It’s in Palestine, but has been occupied by the Israeli military since 1948. [more...]

[picture: Pool of Hezekiah]

Pool of Hezekiah

The engraving is signed in the bottom left corner Meeder Chubb, which I take to be Philip Meeder and F. Y. Chubb. [more...]

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William Seward’s Travels Around the World, edited by Olive Risley Steward and copyrighted by her for him in 1873 after the death of the author.

The book is divided into sections: United States, Canada, and Pacific Ocean; Japan, China, and Cochin China; The Eastern Archpelago, Straits of Malacca, and Ceylon; British India; Egypt and Palestine; Europe.

William H Seward was an American secretary of State, although the book does not seem to mention that.

The book measures approx. 155x235mm (a little over 6 x 9 inches).

There is also an entry in the Nuttall Encyclopædia for William Henry Seward.

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