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games: Diversions people play for sport or amusement, such as chess.

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White Pawn (Alice) to play, and win in eleven moves.
The Red Queen and the Red King
150.—Horce racing.
Alice holds the White King
Page 1: The Enchanted Case and The Magic Box.
The White Knight is Sliding Down the Poker
In the Land of Counterpane
Page 2: The Marvelous Pedestal and The Wonderful Egg Trick.
The Young General [George Washington]
The Red Queen chastises Alice
A Great Huge Game of Chess
Page 3: The Famous Card Trick, The Ball Trick and The String Trick.
Lady and Youth Playing Draughts,
Page 4: The Bead Trick and The Magic Seed Barrel.
Page 4: The Changing Card and The Heart Trick.
Page 5: The Wonderful Box Trick
Page 6: The Vanishing Cup; The Mysterious Dice.
787.—Bob Apple.
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