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43.—From Colosseum to Capitol., in Rome, Italy more

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43.—From Colosseum to Capitol.




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This is a fold-out map of Rome (or, a plan of part of Rome, I should say) between pages 40 and 41.

The text printed under the map is as follows:

1. Temple of Romulus.
2. Temple of the Sacred City
(now SS. Cosma e Damiano).
3. Arch of Fabius.
4. Temple of Antonius and Faustina
(now S. Lorenzo in Miranda).
5. Regia.
6. Temple of Vesta.
7. Fountain of Juturna.
8. Shrine of Juturna.
9. Arch of Augustus.
10. Temple and Rostra of Julius Cæsar.
11. Inscription to Lucius Cæsar.
12. Shrine of Venus Cloacina.
13. Niger Lapis.
14. Plutei.
14A. Inscription to Stilicho.
15. Column of Phocas.
16. Rostra of Domitian.
17. Republican Rostra.
18. Golden Milestone.
19. Umbilicus Romæ.
20. Arch of Severus.
21. Temple of Saturn.
22. Arch of Tiberius.
22A. Vicus Tuscus
23. Temple of Concord.
24. Temple of Vespasian.
25. Porticus Deorum Consentium.
26. Clivus Capitolinus.
27. Mamertine Prison.


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