Mediaeval Rome


Images from The Story of Rome by Norwood Young, illustrated by Nelly Erichsen; this book was published in J. M. Dent & Co’s Mediæval Towns series in 1901. My copy is the 1904 edition.

This book is obviously out of print; you can search for a used copy on Amazon.

Norwood Young died in 1943, less than 70 years ago, according to the Library of Congress Online Catalog, so the text is still under copyright; there are only short extracts here. Nelly Erichsen died in 1918, more than 70 years ago, so the images are out of cpoyright.

I scanned these a long time ago; if you ask nicely (and send a picture of your ankles?) I’ll scan them again for you.

[picture: 43.---From Colosseum to Capitol.]

43.—From Colosseum to Capitol.

This is a fold-out map of Rome (or, a plan of part of Rome, I should say) between pages 40 and 41. [more...] [$]

[picture: Campanile and Façade of S S. Giovanni e Paulo]

Campanile and Façade of S S. Giovanni e Paulo

p. 103. Campanile and Façade of S S. Giovanni e Paulo
[bell-tower of Staint John and Saint Paul, Rome.] [$]

[picture: Porta San Paolo (Gate of St. Paul), Rome]

Porta San Paolo

p. 135. Porta San Paolo
Gate of St. Paul. [$]

[picture: Cloisters of the Lateran, Rome]

Cloisters of the Lateran

p. 153. Cloisters of the Lateran
See the entry in the Catholic Encyclopedia for more information. [more...] [$]

[picture: p. 161. Arch of Severus, Column of Phocas and S. Martina]

p. 161. Arch of Severus, Column of Phocas and S. Martina

“The great Pontiff [Pope Gregory the Great] died in 604. Four years later a fine Corinthian pillar, taken froms ome ancient building, was erected in the Forum [in Rome] to commemorate the worst of all the emperors, Phocas, the favourite of Gregory, the [...] of Rome is revealed by the event. The ability to construct true columns no longer remained. The difference between the age of the Antonines and of Gregory is fittingly represented by the columns of Trajan and Marcus Aurelius, and that of Phocas.” (pp. 160, 163) [more...] [$]

[picture: S. Giorgio in Velabro]

S. Giorgio in Velabro

From this point we may return by passing through the market-place into the Via S. Teodoro, and so on to the Forum, observing on the left the Arch of Janus Quadrifons and the church of S. [...] [more...] [$]

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