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Images from The Story of Rome by Norwood Young, illustrated by Nelly Erichsen; this book was published in J. M. Dent & Co’s Mediæval Towns series in 1901. My copy is the 1904 edition.

This book is obviously out of print; you can search for a used copy on Amazon.

Norwood Young died in 1943, less than 70 years ago, according to the Library of Congress Online Catalog, so the text is still under copyright; there are only short extracts here. Nelly Erichsen died in 1918, more than 70 years ago, so the images are out of cpoyright.

I scanned these a long time ago; if you ask nicely (and send a picture of your ankles?) I’ll scan them again for you.

Title: Mediaeval Rome

Author: Young, Norwood

City: London

Date: 1901

Total items: 6

Out of copyright (called public domain in the USA), hence royalty-free for all purposes usage credit requested, or as marked.

Some sample images

[picture: Cloisters of the Lateran, Rome]

Cloisters of the Lateran

p. 153. Cloisters of the Lateran
See the entry in the Catholic Encyclopedia for more information. [more...]


[picture: p. 161. Arch of Severus, Column of Phocas and S. Martina]

p. 161. Arch of Severus, Column of Phocas and S. Martina

“The great Pontiff [Pope Gregory the Great] died in 604. Four years later a fine Corinthian pillar, taken froms ome ancient building, was erected in the Forum [in Rome] to commemorate the worst of all the emperors, Phocas, the favourite of Gregory, the [...]