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Embroidered Stool Cover From Hardwick Hall (2 of 2), in Hardwick Hall, Doe Lea, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England more

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Embroidered Stool Cover From Hardwick Hall (2 of 2)




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[continued from the first stool cover]

Among the floral forms may be recognised borage and poppies on the stools, and roses, daisies and strawberry blossoms, leaves and fruit upon the chairs [chairs not yet scanned – Liam]. That the floral motifs do not suffice of themselves, but have to be supplemented by incoherent units like caterpillars and butterflies, betrays a certain limitation of the ornamental design of the times; and also how it was then already verging into the inconsequent type of the Caroline and Commonwealth periods, called embroidery ‘on the stump.’ ” (p. 103)

Hardwick Hall is now owned by the National Trust.


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