Warwick and Leamington (page 2/3)

[picture: The East Gate, Warwick]

The East Gate, Warwick

...the beholder now looks down a narrow street, on each side of which here and there are dwelling-houses preserving their Elizabethan aspect, and at the further end of which, looming up like the background to a stage scene, stands, in all the grandeur of centuries of decay, the ancient East Gate of the town – all, indeed, that remains of a building ornamental [...] [more...] [$]

[picture: Warwick Castle from the River]

Warwick Castle from the River

The towers of Warwick Castle are silhouetted against a sunset; smoke from the chimneys of two thatched cottages rises up against trees in autumn foliage. In the [...] [more...] [$]

[picture: Front cover of ``Warwick and Leamington'']

Front cover of “Warwick and Leamington”

All of the colour plates from this book are online here, including a higher-resolution version of the cover picture, Leycester Hospital. [more...] [$]

[picture: West Gate, Warwick]

West Gate, Warwick

A shepherd herds his sheep up Warwick’s main street, past mediaeval house. [$]

[picture: The Beauchamp Chapel]

The Beauchamp Chapel

Tombs of the founder and Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester [more...] [$]

[picture: Leycester Hospital]

Leycester Hospital

These buildings mostly date from the 1570s; the site previously belonged to the Guild of the Holy Trinity and St George which was formed in 1383. The BBC has a panoramic tour. This building has been used as a setting in a number of television films, including Pride and Prejudice. [more...] [$]

[picture: Guy's Cliffe Mill, Warwick]

Guy’s Cliffe Mill, Warwick

Let all fair pilgrims note the postern door in the stone wall of the Cliffe grounds, near the picturesque Saxon Mill, with its decorative wooden balcony, where John Ruskin loved to linger, listening to the soft music of the mill wheel; for through that door, on 25th November 1773, “the divine Sarah” [...] [more...] [$]

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