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[picture: Front Cover, Cambridge]

Title: Cambridge

Author: Barwell, Noel

City: London & Glasgow

Date: 1920

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[picture: The Old Hall, Corpus Christi College]

The Old Hall, Corpus Christi College

Corpus Christi college was founded in A.D. 1352. [more...] [$]

[picture: Byron's Pool]

Byron’s Pool

Cambridge is no city of spires. She lies belted with woods in the midst of a wide plain. To south, to west, to east stretches a lowland landscape, delicately moulded, rich in pasture and corn-bearing fields. Northwards a man need ride but a few miles across the fens to hear the bells of Ely, or at twilight to see the lantern of that ancient church preserve [...] [more...] [$]

[picture: Erasmus' Tower, Queen's College]

Erasmus’ Tower, Queen’s College

“The fifteenth century saw four more Colleges added to the list of Cambridge Houses: King’s, 1441; Queens’, 1448; St. Catharine’s, 1473; Jesus, 1495.” (p. 22) [more...] [$]

[picture: Front Cover, Cambridge]

Front Cover, Cambridge

The front cover; my copy has a dust jacket which is in place in this scan. [$]

[picture: Cambridge: Title Page]

Cambridge: Title Page

“CAMBRIDGE Described by Noel Barwell / Pictured by E. W. Haslehust

Blackie & Son Limited, London and Glasgow” [$]

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Pictures from Cambridge Described by Noel Barwell and Pictured by E. W. Haslehust [1866 – 1949], Blackie & Son Limited, London and Glasgow, in the Beautiful England series (undated).

Although the book is undated, the Library of Congress and various bookseller catalogues mentioning dated inscriptions indicate a date no later than 1920. The illustrations may still be in copyright, since the books were not produced in the USA, so I have marked them as for non-commercial use only.

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