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Title: Contributed Images

Author: Various

Date: 2004

Total items: 28

copyright by the respective artist or artists and must not be reproduced in any form witout permission, or as marked.

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[picture: ]
[picture: Liam's oldbooks collection (skin242)]
[picture: AgingElegy (Manchld)]
[picture: AgingElegy v.5 (Manchld)]
[picture: The Book of Liam (TiffanyLayden)]
[picture: Ghost City (kaamos)]

Tags in this source:

alice backgrounds cherubs colour cottages fairies gallery portraits wallpaper

Places shown:

Chiddingfold ·Surrey ·none

The images here were entered into a competition that Liam Quin ran for the most interesting uses of the pictures on

Category: Best use of stock. This will be awarded to the image that makes the most unusual, interesting or effective use of stock images from Liam’s “oldbooks” collection at [link] – you can also use other images, either your own or stock, including of course *barefootliam-stock images. Every entry in this category must make prominent use of the "oldbooks" stock.

The competition closed; the entries are reproduced here with permission (it was part of the terms of the competition).

These are copyrighted images, and you must contact the respective aritsts before using them in any way.

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