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[picture: Missionary Premises at Gnadenthal.]

Missionary Premises at Gnadenthal.

This is probably the village now called Baviaanskloof. We see some buildings and an arch in which a bell hangs. [more...]


[picture: Farley Castle]

Farley Castle

“The venerable remains of Farley Castle, the renowned baronial residence of the Hungerfords, is situated about six miles south-east from bath, in the county of [...]fairness of its leys, or meadows; being situated in a rich and beautiful tract of country. Farley is of great antiquity, having been in the possession of some of the Saxon Thanes; and it was for many ages distinguished as the seat of men of great power and eminence. At the time of the Norman Conquest [A.D. 1066] it was possessed by one of the Conqueror’s powerful barons, Roger de Curcelle; at whose death, William Rufus granted it to Hugh de Montfort, son to Thurstan de Bastenbergh, another Norman of distinction.” (p. 361) [more...]


[picture: New Post Office, London]

New Post Office, London

“March 1830. The New Post-Office, London. (With an Engraving) [more...]


[picture: Dunluce Castle]

Dunluce Castle

Drawn & Engd. by J Mc. Gahey. [more...]


[picture: Ely Cathedral]

Ely Cathedral

“The first mention of a religious foundation at Ely occurs shortly after the introduction of Christianity into Britain, and especially into that part of the island called East Anglia, where Ethelbert, the principal [...] [more...]


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