Cells at town hall, Boston, England, where the Pilgrim Fathers were confineddetails

[Picture: Cells at town hall, Boston, England, where the Pilgrim Fathers were confined]
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Cells at town hall, Boston, England, where the Pilgrim Fathers were confined, in Boston,Lincolnshire,England more

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Cells at town hall, Boston, England, where the Pilgrim Fathers were confined

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A photograph of a prison, jail or gaol, showing the iron bars of open cell doors. According to the extract from the book that follows, the “Pilgrim Fathers” (a group of Puritans, a sort of fanatical and intolerant Christian religious sect that was also associated with the Civil War in England) were arrested trying to leave the country, stripped, publicly humiliated, and then imprisoned here, in Boston, in Lincolnshire. This is not, of course, the Boston in the USA. I also made a wallpaper version of this image, for use as a computer desktop background if you are of a dismal disposition.

“The failure of the first attempt of the Pilgrims to reach the Low Countries [[Holland, or the Netherlands]] has been simply and graphically related by Govenor Bradford. “There was,” he said, “a large company of them [the Puritans] purposed to get passage at Boston in Lincoln-shire, and for that end had hired a shipe wholy to them mselves, & made agreement with the maister to be ready at a certaine day, and to take them and their goods in, at a conveniente place, wher they accordingly would all attende [[i.e. wait]] in readiness. So after long waiting, & large expences, though he kepte not a day with them, yet he came at length & tooke them in, in ye night. But when he had them & their goods abord, he betrayed them, haveing before hand complotted with ye searchers & other officers so to doe; who tooke them, and put them into open boats, & ther rifled & ransacked them, searching them to their shirts for money, yea, even ye women furder than became modestie; and then carried them back into ye towne, & made them a spectackle and wonder to ye multitude, which came flocking on all sids to behould them. Being thus first, by the chatpoule officers, rifled & stripte of their money, books, and much other goods, they were presented

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