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[picture: Title Page]

Title Page

The Land an the Book; or, Biblical Illustrations Drawn from the Manners and Customs, the Scenes and Scenery of THE HOLY LAND [more...]


[picture: The Tomb of Jonas]

The Tomb of Jonas

The buildings shown here are in or near Ashdod in Israel: Neby Yûnas: the tomb of the prophet Jonah, who was, it is said, swallowed up by a large fish, and washed up at this place. [more...]


[picture: Cedars of Lebanon]

Cedars of Lebanon

A group of camels and some humans are at the edge of a forest of mighty cedar trees; in the far distance are some snow-capped mountains.


[picture: Samaria]


The site of this celebrated capital is delightful, by universal consent. It is a very large isolated hill, rising by successive terraces at least six hundred feet above the valleys which surround it. In shape it is oval, and the smaller and lower end unites it to the neighboring mountain on the east. There is no fountain on the hill, and during a siege the inhabitants must have depended entirely upon cisterns. Water, however, is abundant in the neighborhood. There is a good spring a short distance below [...] [more...]


[picture: Bethlehem]


In the foregrouns are two men, ora man and a boy herding goats. But behind them rise hills and the small ancient town of Bethlehem , with its square buildings and its temple. [more...]


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