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The Grace
He Led Her With Him
The Grace (brighter version)
The Triumph of Love
The Ring on My Finger
Cul-de-lampe composé par Mariller, gravé par Marquet.
Poor Marksman
A walk in a romantic dream
For One Brief Moment Our Eyes Met
Maria, detail - faces - two people in love
1385.—The Dance in the ‘Garden of Pleasure:’ from the ‘Roman de la Rose.’—(Harl. MS. 4425.)
Enfants et amour jouant avec un mouton
Awaiting the postman on Saint Valentine’s Day
Miss Fallutine Preferred to Walk
Jean and George were Exchanging Glances and Whispered Words
Santa Fe All The Way
End Paper: the young mad read to her from a small book.
Fantasy Romantic Border with Eros, Cherubs and Mermaids
Golden Strings
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