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Section II, Accidents of Arms, Tinctures
Section VI continued
Differences, including Borders (Bordures and Imbordurings)
Examples: His Grace Thomas Hollis Pelham, D. of Newcastle; George, by the Grace of God, Kind of Great-Britain, France and Ireland, &c. Defender of the Faith, our only Rightful and Ever-Glorious Sovereign
Example: The Right Honourable William Temple, Lord Cobham
a dragon and a griffin (gryphon), without the text, and larger
a dragon and a griffin (gryphon), with the text alongside it.
(the Wreath, Crowns and Coronets)
Decorative initial I, Coloured
2105.—East Basham, Norfolk
2103.—Herstmonceaux Castle.
703.—Walsingham Abbey, Norfolk.
700.—Byland Abbey, Yorkshire.
398.—Norwich Castle
Good Wine needs no Bush;  Kissing goes by Favour;  A Lark is better than a Kite
He sets the Fox to keep his Geese.  [woodcut: fox watching geese]
A Burnt Child dreads the Fire
An old Dog will learn no Tricks; If you trust before you try, You may repent before you die.
It’s neither Rhime nor Reason; What is got over the Devil’s Back will be spent under his Belly.
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