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Items taken from Astrology (1806) (results page 1)

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Frontispiece, Judges V. 20.
Front Cover, Sibly Astrology Book
Title Page, Sibly Astrology Book
The Harmony of the World
The Signs and Planets
Woodcut: Snake, Magic Wand, Leather Books (detail of portrait of Ebenezer Sibly).
The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac (second version).
The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac (first version)
Aries (the Ram, or Sheep)
Taurus (the Bull)
Gemini (the Twins)
Cancer (the Crab)
Leo (the lion)
Virgo (the Virgin, or young woman, or youth)
Libra (the scales)
Scorpio (the Scorpion)
Sagittarius (the Archer, or Centaur)
Capricorn (the Goat)
Aquarius (the water carrier)
Pisces (the fish, or two fishes)
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