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Items taken from L’Ornament Polychrome (Ornament in Colour) (1869) (results page 1)

Persion ceramic tile border: flowers and vines, bright version
Fig. 57. No. 6.—Persian Ceramic Tile Border
Inhabited Initial letter B, Anglo-Saxon
Anglo-Saxon decorative initial B in the Celtic knotwork style
Byzantine Saint seated, with book
Celtic knotwork dragon ornament/initial
Fig. 99 No. 7.—Ornate border, 9th century, Gallo-Frankish School.
Border, 9th century, Gallo-Frankish School
Fig. 99 No. 8.—Anglo-Saxon Initial letter N
Fifteenth Century Manuscript Border With Jewels
Horizontal vintage border with female angels
Seventeenth-Century Tapestry