The Idler (page 2/2)

[picture: Idler No. 8: George and the Dragon.]

Idler No. 8: George and the Dragon.

Saint George, patron saint of England, is seen here wearing full plate mail wielding a mace and about to slay the dragon, together with his two dogs. The image is in an oval cartouche or frame, surmounted ith a basket of flowers including a cross, and [...] [more...]


[picture: Ladies at the Roman Palace]

Ladies at the Roman Palace

The ladies and the ruined temple illustrate Essay XXI (21) in William Shenstone’s Essays on Men and Manners (1797): [more...]


[picture: Cartouche or Oval Frame With Wreath and Bricks]

Cartouche or Oval Frame With Wreath and Bricks

This oval frame surrounded a classical scene illustrating an essay; the frame includes a basket of flowers and a wreath, and has a bricks-and-mortar masonry background in black and white, making an unusual eighteenth-century border. There is [...] [more...]


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