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[picture: Front Cover, Round The Coast]

Front Cover, Round The Coast

A simple binding.


[picture: Title Page, Round The Coast]
[picture: 1.---Scarborough: General View of the South Bay]

1.—Scarborough: General View of the South Bay

A fairly crowded beach even by modern standards, with Victorian bathing machines. [more...]


[picture: 18.---Carnarvon: the Castle.]

18.—Carnarvon: the Castle.

Carnarvon Castle, with sailing boats (US: sailboats) and, in the foreground, two boys in a rowing boat (US: rowboat). The castle towers in the background are also part of the castle. [more...]


[picture: Hastings: The Castle.]

Hastings: The Castle.

From a Photo. by Poulton & Son. [more...]


[picture: Fowey: Entrance to the harbour.]

Fowey: Entrance to the harbour.

FOWEY.—This has been described as a miniature Dartmouth, and is a small seaport with a picturesque harbour at the mouth of the Fowey. This little place is 280 miles from London. In the old days it shared with Plymouth and Dartmouth the maritime supremacy of the south of England, and Looe, Truro, and Penryn were merely regarded as creeks belonging to its [...] [more...]


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