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La Musique

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Dessiné et composé par Galland, d’après son plafond chez M. Sedille.

I understand the caption to mean that Galland designed and painted the mural, which is at the house of Monsieur Sedille. Presumably H. Scott drew it for the magazine from wich I scanned it, and Froment would surely be Eugène Froment, the French wood engraver.

Here a naked child (a putti or cherub) lies on a cushion and listens to a song-bird warbling away on a leafy branch. The little naked boy holds twin pipes, and perhaps wears a cape that billows out behind him. He is on a stone plinth on which is carved the word musica.

I have cleaned this image up a little more than usual (and the other three similar images), making sure that the dark area is entirely black and free from ink bubbles, so that you can use it for other text. See also the first in the series, architecture.

You should give credit to Pierre-Victor Galland if you use this image, as it is not in the public domain: copyright has expired, but moral rights in France do not expire.


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