La Vita Nuova (The New Life) (page 5/5)

[picture: angel with violin]

angel with violin

A barefooted angel (female) playing the violin; she has wings, too. [more...]


[picture: Bottom border with angel]

Bottom border with angel

Bottom deorative element from page 122, an angel playing the violin on the left, with oak and vine leaves on the bottom. The angel is female, barefoot and winged. [more...]


[picture: 123.---Beatrice is gone up into high heaven]

123.—Beatrice is gone up into high heaven

“Beatrice is gone up into high heaven,
The kingdom where the angels are at peace;
And lives with them; and to her friends is dead.
Not by the frost of winter was she driven
Away, like others; nor by summer-heats;
But through a perfect gentleness, instead.
For from the lamp of her meek lowlihead
Such an exceeding glory went up hence
    That it woke wonder in the Eternal Sire,
    Until a sweet desire
Entererd Him for that lovely excellence,
  So that He bade her to Himself aspire:
counting this weary and most evil place
Unworthy of a thing so full of grace. [more...]


[picture: Medieval-style border with dog chasing rabbit]

Medieval-style border with dog chasing rabbit

This full-page border is in the style of a border from a medieval/mediƦval illuminated manuscript. There’s a dog chasing a hare (or rabbit) and two birds. [more...]


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