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Hon. Dr. S. F. Tolmie

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A Happy Warrior

No one in British Columbia, and no one in Ottawa or anywhere in the east, for that matter, ever speaks of the Honourable Simon Fraser Tolmie. But thousands of people talkk of Doc Tolmie and I have yet to hear any of them mention the name as if its owner were a fit subject for the gallows tree, even when the speaker happens to be one of those to whom Liberalis is a die-hard creed.

The head of the Provincial Government which sits in shady, basking Victoria has the genious for friendship. He is one of those excellent people who find life too short to practise ill temper and if he cannot speak well of a man it is his commendable manner to hold his peace. He has become one of Toryism’s most eminent sons, and undoubtedly her most popular, by combining the arts of the practising politician with the qualities of friendliness and a method of direct speech which has pleasant candour for its foundation.” (p. 57)

Wikipedia entry for Simon Fraser Tolmie 91867 – 1937)



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