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[picture: Old Moat of Raglan]

Old Moat of Raglan

A romantic engraving of a ruined castle with towers and a moat. [more...]


[picture: Druid's Glen]

Druid’s Glen

“We dislike the word river for these mountain streams which are quite small except in wrong impression to an American. They are brooks, or streams, or creeks, to our eyes and so broken by rocks and winding from the effect of the troubling hills that they become dear and intimate; friendly [...] [more...]


[picture: Dryburgh Abbey]

Dryburgh Abbey

“Nestled in seclusion beside a loop on the banks of the Tweed stands the graceful ruins of Dryburgh Abbey.” says Historic Scotland. [more...]


[picture: Overhang---Stokesay Castle]

Overhang—Stokesay Castle

See the Location Search for other pictures of Stokesay Castle.


[picture: The Baptistry, Canterbury]
[picture: Pottergate, Lincoln]

Pottergate, Lincoln

The remains of a fortified entrance (gate) in the City Walls of Lincoln, called Pottergate. Today it’s a grade I listed building, and is also located on the Viking Way, a footpath in England almost 150 miles (over 200Km) [...] [more...]


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