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[picture: Front Cover of ``England Beautiful'']

Front Cover of “England Beautiful”

Light brown buckram (cloth) binding with dark red/purple illustration.


[picture: Two Little Homes---Biddestone]

Two Little Homes—Biddestone

This book was written by a rich American tourist visiting the UK, and sometimes his condescending attitude that America is the Best Country gets a little too much. But the photo is well done! A thatched cottage and a house with a tiled roof stand under a huge and ancient tree, [...] [more...]


[picture: Under the Beeches]

Under the Beeches

A narrow English country lane passes beneath the shady canopy of trees. In the foreground is a dry stone wall. [more...]


[picture: A Doorway Colloquy]

A Doorway Colloquy

A thatched cottage with an English country garden behind a stone wall, and a huge tree. If you look very closely there are two people standing in one of the doors [...] [more...]


[picture: Woodland Water]

Woodland Water

The book gives no further detail that I can find. A waterfall in a stream in a forest.


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