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[picture: Old Framlingham]

Old Framlingham

The photograph shows two of the towers around the curtain wall of Framlingham Castle in Suffolk. The castle was built in the twelth century.


[picture: Ilfracombe]


The rocky shore at Ilfracombe, North Devon.


[picture: The Portal]

The Portal

An unidentified castle entrance, overrun by ivy or creepers. I don’t recognise this entrance; any help would be welcome.


[picture: Haddon Hall]

Haddon Hall

A photograph taken from an unusual angle; Haddon Hall is just visible at upper left. The Hall dates back to the 12th century, although the present occupants, the Manners [...] [more...]


[picture: Framlingham Gate]

Framlingham Gate

The entrance to Framlingham Castle in Suffolk; you can see the remains of a coat of arms over the arch.


[picture: The Ancient Yew]

The Ancient Yew

A huge yew tree overshadows an even older church in this gloomy unkempt churchyard; tombs and graves of various sorts are visible in the long grass. [more...]


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