In Search of Scotland (page 2/2)

[picture: Frontispiece: Auld Reekie]

Frontispiece: Auld Reekie

Auld Reekie, or Edinburgh; in the distance the castle, but everywhere there is smoke.


[picture: Title Page, In Search of Scotland]

Title Page, In Search of Scotland

The date is actually on the reverse of this leaf, which I have not scanned. I have the fourth edition; all four are dated 1929.


[picture: Jedburgh Abbey]

Jedburgh Abbey

So these abbeys—Kelso, Jedburgh, Dryburgh, and Melrose—as close together as the abbeys of Yorkshire, preached the gospel of love in a land of hate. They [...]padres, helpless to stem the tide of war, nevertheless a comfort to friend and foe. [more...]


[picture: The Sanctuary, National War Shrine, Edinburgh]

The Sanctuary, National War Shrine, Edinburgh

The Shrine is the highest building in Edinburgh. It rises from virgin rock. Its walls spring from jagged ledges. In shape it is a sanctuary facing north with an east and west transept. [more...]


[picture: Stirling Castle]

Stirling Castle

I paused on a hill and looked down on the plain of Stirling. It was early evening and the mists were rising. The rock on which the Castle stands was blue-black against the grey of the fields, the mightiest thing in the wide plain, vast as a galleon on a quiet sea, [...] [more...]


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