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Mugo Glen, in Dalkeith, Lothian, Scotland more

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Mugo Glen

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Mungo Glen was a boy apprenticed to Mansie Wauch (the fictional Scottish tailor) at the age of fourteen.

Fro the days in which he had lain in his cradle, [Mungo Glen] had been brought up in a remote and quiet part of the country, far from the bustling of towns, and from man encountering man in the stramash [sic] of daily life; so that his heart seemed to pine within him like a flower, for want of the blessed morning dew; and like a bird that has been catched in a girn among the winter snows, his appetite failed him, and he fell away from his meat and his clothes.” (p. 221)

Not long after this the boy is taken home, but on the way falls sick with consumption, and dies at the tender age of fifteen.


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