The Life of Mansie Wauch (page 2/2)

[picture: Thomas Burlings, Elder]

Thomas Burlings, Elder

“I mind very well too, on the afternoon of the dividual same day, that my door-neighbour, Thomas Burlings, popped in; [...] It’s a wearyfu’ thing that [...] [more...]


[picture: Mugo Glen]

Mugo Glen

Mungo Glen was a boy apprenticed to Mansie Wauch (the fictional Scottish tailor) at the age of fourteen. [more...]


[picture: An Old Dalkeith Body]

An Old Dalkeith Body

The darkness of the latter days came over my spirit like a vision before the prophet Isaiah; and I could see nothing in the years to come but beggary and starvation; myself a fallen-back old man, with an out-at-the-elbows coat, a greasy hat, and a bald pow, hirpling over a staff, requeeshting an awmous—Nanse a broken-hearted beggar wife, torn down [...] [more...]


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