Christian Parlor Magazine Vol III (page 3/3)

[picture: The Star Lichnedia]

The Star Lichnedia

Systematic name—Phlox Drummondii; Class V., Pentandria; Order I., Monogynia; Natural order, Polemoniaceæ. [more...]


[picture: Bethlehem.]


Engraved expressly for the Christian Parlor Magazine. W.H. Battlett. A.L. Dick. [more...]


[picture: Crocus Iriandia Monogynia]

Crocus Iriandia Monogynia

“     “Dainty young thing
Of life! thou venturous flower,
Who growest through the hard, cold bower
    Of wintry spring


[picture: Gentiana crinita [The Fringed Gentian]]

Gentiana crinita [The Fringed Gentian]

The Fringed Gentian, Gentiana Crinita


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