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The Magical Circle of King Solomon

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Magical circle of protection against daemons, and triangle of containment. Figures 124 and 125 are combined on the same page: the circle and the triangle, respectively. Once cannot suppose that it could be in fact precisely a circle of Solomon, with Latin letters and English on it, as well as references to Greek. Even if we assume the English to be annotations added by the editor (Mathers or Crowley), it still seems unlikely to be older than the late mediæval [mdieval] period. But people have asked me to scan it, so here it is.

This is the form of the Magical Circle of King Solomon, the which he made that he might preserve himself therein from the malice of thse Evil Spirits. this Magical circle is to be made 9 feet across, and the Divine Names are to be written round it, beginning at EHYEH, and ending at LEVANAH, Luna.

(Colours.—The space between the outer and inner circles, where th serpent is coiled, with the hebrew names written along his body, is bright deep yellow. The square in the centre of the circle, where the word “master” is written, is filled in with red. All names and letters are in black. In the Hexagrams the outer triangles where the letters a, d, o, n, a, i, appear are filled in with bright yellow, the centres, where the T-shaped crosses are, blue or green. In the Pentagrams outside the circle, the outer triangles where “Te, tra, gram, ma, ton,” is written are filled in bright yellow, and the centres with the T crosses written therin are red. (p. 71)

This is the Form of the Magical Triangle, into which Solomon did command the Evil Spirits. It is to be made at 2 feet distance from the Magical Circle and it is 3 feet across. Note

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