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How to write a love letter

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A lady, wreathed with laurel in her hair, sits by a brick wall with vines and flowers holding a large sheet of paper in one hand and a pen in the other: she is about to write. She wears a loose dress and a hat; she is barefoot.

1. Love.—There is no greater or more profound reality than love. Why that reality should be obscured by mere sentimentalism, with all its train of absurdities is incomprehensible. There is no nobler possession than the love of another. There is no higher gift from one human being to another than love. The gift and the possession are true sanctifiers of life, and should be worn as precious jewels, without affectation and without bashfulness. For this reason there is nothing to be ashamed of in a love letter, provided it be sincere.

2. Forfeits.—No man need consider that he forfeits dignity if he speaks with his whole heart: no woman need fear she forfeits her womanly attributes if she responds as her heart bids her respond. “Perfect love casteth out fear” is as true now as when the maxim was first given to the world.

3. Telling Their Love.—The generality of the sex is, love to be loved: how are they to know the fact that they

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