The American Boy’s Life of Washington (page 2/2)

[picture: Washington and his Father]

Washington and his Father

George Washington and his father: [more...]


[picture: The Young General [George Washington]]

The Young General [George Washington]

George Washington, as a boy, stands with a short toy sword and marshalls four other boys into a line as they pretend to be soldiers. [more...]


[picture: They Crossed the Delaware in Safety]

They Crossed the Delaware in Safety

The picture shows a boat of perhaps sixteen men in a small row-boat; George Washington stands near the stern looking behind anxiously for any sign of the British troops. Near the front, implausibly, someone is holding up a flag on a pole. The boat is crossing teh Delaware River in a snow-storm, and [...] [more...]


[picture: Tailpiece ornament with vase]

Tailpiece ornament with vase

A typographic ornamnt at the end of a chapter, with bunches of grapes, a styilized vine and a vase or flowerpot. Think of it as a Victorian dingbat! [more...]


[picture: A Severe Battle Ensued]

A Severe Battle Ensued

This picture illustrates the Battle of Princeton, New Jersey, USA, in 1777, between the British insurgent forces and the government army. [more...]


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