Gaskonští Kadeti (page 2/2)

[picture: Title Page, Gaskonští Kadeti]

Title Page, Gaskonští Kadeti

The title page is in Czech and has a library stamp. There is a sketch of maybe fifteen men wearing chain mail and round helmets fighting with sworeds in a close mêlée. [more...]


[picture: Front Cover]

Front Cover

This book cover is a grey-green buckram with gold lettering, and a red-and-black picture of cavaliers swashbuckling away at one another on a bridge with a blazing fire in the background. [more...]


[picture: By the castle tower]

By the castle tower

Two men with rapiers (long thin swords) face one another at the foot of a castle tower; there are dead bodies on the ground, for there has been a battle. In the backgruond are men wearing cavalier hats. [more...]


[picture: Castle sketch]

Castle sketch

This sketch of a medieval castle was used as an ornament or tail-piece at the end of a chapter. It features a round tower with a pointed roof, a wall with batlements, and [...] [more...]


[picture: Battle on the Bridge]

Battle on the Bridge

Men with moustaches and wide-brimmed hats are fighting men with round metal helmets, alll with swords. Smoke and flames are in the background. The action takes place on a stone bridge. [more...]


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