Pictureseque Egypt Vol II (page 2/2)

[picture: A Mameluke in Full Armour.]

A Mameluke in Full Armour.

We have seen how deplorable was the condition of the country [1790s Egypt] at that time, drained by the greed of the Turkish Pacha and the Mameluke Beys; its [...]

[picture: Colonnade of Medamot at Thebes]

Colonnade of Medamot at Thebes

This temple (if such it was) seems mainly to be of interest to archaeologists because of its “Campaniform Capitals” or pillars with floral tops. To most other [...] [more...]


[picture: A Court[yard] at Siout.]

A Court[yard] at Siout.

Siout is an ancient city; the modern name is Asyut or Assiut; the ancient Greek name was Lycopolis.