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8th Century. Vatican
8th Century. British Museum
8th and 9th Centuries. Anglo-Saxon.
9th Century From an Anglo-Saxon MS. Battel Abbey
From MS. Library of Minerva, Rome
10th Century. British Museum.
11th Century and Numerals
12th Century. From the Mazarin Bibe
12th Century. Two small. British Museum
12th Century. British Museum
12th Century. Bodleian Library
13th Century. Henry III. Westminster Abbey.
13th Century. From Latin MS.
13th Century. MS.
14th Century. Date about 1340
14th Century. British Museum
14th Century. Illuminated MS.
14th Century. Richard II. 1400. Westminster Abbey.
14th Century. Richard II. 1400. Small. Westminster Abbey.
14th Century. British Museum
14th Century. From MS. Munich.
14th and 15th Centuries. Two Small. British Museum.
1475. British Museum
1480. British Museum
1490. British Museum
Henry VII. Westminster Abbey

15th and 16th Centuries. German
15th and 16th Centuries. German. Small
15th and 16th Centuries. Ornamental Ribbon
16th Century. Henry VIII. MS.
16th Century. From Italian MS.
16th Century. From Albert Durer’s Prayer Book
16th Century. Vatican
16th Century. Gothic. MS.
16th Century. Gothic
16th Century. Gothic. MS.
16th Century. Large, Small, and Numerals. French MS.
17th Century. MS.
17th Century. Church Text. MS.
German Arabesque
German Arabesque. Small
Metal Ornamental
15th Century
16th Century.
16th Century.
16th Century. From Wood Engravings
Monograms, Crosses, &c.


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