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Beautiful and Unusual Full-Page Victorian Border

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This full-page floral border includes some scenes, both religious and other, and originally surrounded text from the Imitation of Christ.

The scenes from top left, are;A woman with cloven hooves and wings, praying (female angel?);

A man, presumably Jesus, although he looks French to me, with a spiky beard and holes in his hands and feet, a halo and rays radiating round from him.

An angel facing away from us, winged, arms raised, wearing a robe and sandals. The wings appear to be held in place with straps. Who knew?

A bearded man, barefoot, with a robe, sits by a well and discourses with a cloven-hooved woman with a sour face;

An unhappy winged and naked boy (a putto or cherub) plays with a piece of the floral border; above him another one reaches up for a flower;

A devil-cat with horns and a puffed tail races towards us, paws grasping two flowers on the border.

The border itself features large flowers, buds, leaves and vines. It is wider on the right-hand side; this is a recto, or odd-numbered page, so the narrower side of the border was at the middle of the book, where it’s bound.

In the book this border is printed in brown ink.


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