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Flavius Constantine

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The Emperor Constantine: Imp. Cæs. Flavius Constan. Aug.

I will shew to Christian Nobility its source in the life of the prime Gentleman of Christianity. If we respect Antiquity, Greatness, and Dignity, we shall not finde a Prince either more anciently noble than he, who first of all among Emperours deserved the title of Christian, or more truly great than he, who so happily engraffed [engraved, drew] the Empire of the Universe on the Tree of the Cross, or more justly honourable than he, who cemented his honour with the blood of the Lamb. (p. 234)

Biography of Constantine the Great

Not everyone today is so enamoured of the Roman emperor who first married church and state! But this book (The Holy Court) was written by a very devout and somewhat partisan Roman Catholic, of course.

Early nineteenth century biography of the Emperor Constantine

I also made a painted-glass version of this woodcut.


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