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[picture: Clevedon]


Many are the pleasant and busy towns and villages which look forth upon [the River Severn at the Bristol channel] in its salted and merged condition and know it not. Of these, Clevedon alone may be indicated, for Tennyson’s sake, in his familiar tribute to our stream; for in this bright and growing health-resort for Bristol’s workers Arthur Hallam, his friend, lies buried: [more...]


[picture: Plan of York]

Plan of York

Plan of the city of York, from approx. 1890


[picture: York Minster from the Walls]

York Minster from the Walls

“It is almost impossible for a Yorkshireman to write of York in anything but the language of enthusiasm. To him York is what Rome is to the Roman, Paris to the Parisian, Jerusalem to the Jew. London and Winchester may have charms for him if he be a student of history, but York in is opinion is the true capital of England. She was proud and imperial [...] [more...]


[picture: Chapel of Henry VII., Westminster Abbey]

Chapel of Henry VII., Westminster Abbey

“Beyond the Confessor’s Chapel, and beyond the imposing Chantry of Henry V., is Henry VII.’s splendid chapel, in the Perlendicular style, with a richly decorated ceiling of fan tracery, and lined with the ancient stalls of the [...] [more...]


[picture: Westminster Hall]

Westminster Hall

“Westminster Hall, built [...] by [William] Rufus, and rebuilt by Richard II., is one of the largest chambers in the world, its fine timbered roof unsupported by pillars. [more...]


[picture: Criccieth Castle]

Criccieth Castle

From the painting by Edwin Hayes, R.H.A. R.I. [more...]


[picture: St. Peter Port, Guernsey]

St. Peter Port, Guernsey

From the painting by Edwin Hayes, R.H.A., R.I. [more...]


[picture: Gate of St John's Abbey, Colchester]

Gate of St John’s Abbey, Colchester

Built around the 1400s to help defend an Abbey that was even then some 300 years old, today the gate is open to the public. [more...]


[picture: High Street, Chelmsford]

High Street, Chelmsford

The high street [US: main street] in Chelmsford, Essex, around 1900. There are people riding bicycles, carts and carriages drawn by horses, and a sign visible reading [...] [more...]


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