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St. George and the Dragon

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An engraving showing a statue of St. George slaying the dragon, by J. E. Boehm, A.R.A. St. George is here depicted as an almost-naked man riding a horse, a Roman centurian wearing only sandals and a helmet, with a cape flowing about his shoulders and a spear in his hands with which he slays the scaly dragon.

There is also a detail of the dragon in which the head is more clearly visible.

According to Mr. Boehm, we cannot be Greeks, for we have no mythology. Our art must be Christian and modern. ‘It is in vain to complain of the paucity of inspiring subjects in our age, of our ugly costume and the dearth of suitable figures for sculpture. You may regard objects and compose like Homer, but you may not inanely copy the antique. Do not return from Rome with some more bad nymphs, another Venus or another Cupid. Try to use the much-abused dress. Treat a coat-sleeve, a woman’s gown, con amore, ennoble it by art, and it will be a pleasing object in the sight of those whose prainse is worth having.’ ” (p. 335)



150 x 195mm (5.9 x 7.7 inches)

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2400 dots per inch



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