The Works of Shakspere, with notes by Charles Knight (page 2/2)

[picture: Ophelia.]


(Hamlet.) [more...]


[picture: Puck and the Fairies]

Puck and the Fairies

R. Dadd Pinxt., W. M. Lizars Sculpt.: Puck and the Fairies (Midsummer Night’s Dream) [more...]


[picture: There Sleeps Titania]

There Sleeps Titania

“From the Midsummer Night’s Dream.
R. Huskisson. Pinx.
Fred Heath. Sculp. [more...]


[picture: There Sleeps Titania (detail without the frame)]

There Sleeps Titania (detail without the frame)

This is the central image from There Sleeps Titania, with the architectural arch removed. There is also a magnified detail so you can see more clearly the fabulous technique of one of the greatest engravers of the British school. [more...]


[picture: Engraving detail: stripy feet]

Engraving detail: stripy feet

A detail from There Sleeps Titania showing the engraving technique. It is actually the knight’s feet, in his quasi-medieval shoes. [more...]


[picture: Ariel]




[picture: Corner decoration: Owl with leaves and tree]

Corner decoration: Owl with leaves and tree

This pointilliste-style decoration would look fabulous on a letterhead or in a scrapbook; it was filling in one corner of a pate in an 1870s edition of Shakespeare’s plays. It [...] [more...]


[picture: Corner decoration: brown owl with green leaves and tree]

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