167.—German Gothic Initials [A – H].details

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167.—German Gothic Initials [A – H].

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German Fraktur blackletter, with an insane amount of swirls! Letters “A” – “H” are in this figure. It was too large for a useful download here, although I have made the individual letters available, and you can buy a larger file from Alamy.

Figures 167 to 169 show a more elaborate but an excellent and typical variety of this form of capital, which is one of the most beautiful and distinctive of Gothic letters. Shorn of its fussy small lines the main skeleton is eminently virile; and, though extremely difficult to draw, it cannot be surpassed for certain limited uses. (p. 140)

The drawing is signed P. Frank, 1901.

Individual letters: A B C D E F G H


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