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[picture: Ornate initial K from Germany]

Ornate initial K from Germany

This letter “K” was used as a drop capital (drop cap, decorative initial) in a book printed in Germany in the 1880s; it could be much older, of course. [more...]


[picture: Thistle Ornament]

Thistle Ornament

An ornament, or printers’ flower, in the shape of a thistle, from page 81; see the description for that image for other items from the same page, including the wild flowers border. [more...]


[picture: The Beach Tree]

The Beach Tree

A man and a woman, clearly a couple, stand at the stump of a tree on a waist-high bank; the man is carving their initials into it, i think. They seem rather formally dressed by modern standards, she with a [...] [more...]


[picture: Forest of Romance]

Forest of Romance

In the foreground a smartly-dressed young man is entreating a beautiful woman who wears an elaborate dress and bonnet. The couple is seated on a carved stone bench in a thick forest of mature trees; in the background a carved stone cherub or cupid is watching, representing romance. The lady has her eyes demurely closed [...] [more...]


[picture: The Proposal]

The Proposal

The man kneels holding out a small box containing a ring; he gazes, full of hope, at the beautiful woman. [more...]


[picture: Cupid and rose briar]

Cupid and rose briar

A putto, or small naked boy, here carries Cupid’s bow, the sign of love and romance. He hides beneath a rose briar with thorns, leave, and a beautiful engraving of a rose. [more...]


[picture: Summer]


A girl in a long formal pleated dress sits reading a book; she is sitting on a wooden chair with an upholstered cushion for the back and another for the seat; she clutches her frilly lace collar with her left hand. On her right, and our left, is a table with a large potted palm plant in a bowl with a lion [...] [more...]


[picture: Vicorian room used as a border]

Vicorian room used as a border

This border is made by drawing a white rectangle over the picture of the girl sitting reading a book indoors in summer and also copying the outer border of the image to the sides of the white rectangle. I also cloned out the corner of the chair and the girl’s dress. Obviously you could replace the text here! [more...]


[picture: The Abandoned Water-Mill]

The Abandoned Water-Mill

The drawing shows an old abandoned watermill, the wooden walls rotting away, the thatched roof uneven, the waterwheel still and rotten, the whole building overgrown. Romantic poems about deserted mills became popular in the second half of the nineteenth century, as mechanisation made a lot of them obsolete, and the mill here illustrates [...] [more...]


[picture: Late Homecoming]

Late Homecoming

A young man (I think) sits on the ground near a signpost where four country lanes meet in a crossroads. He wears a hat and is barefoot. In the distance another man walks [...] [more...]


[picture: Rothenberg Castle Ruins]

Rothenberg Castle Ruins

This engraving showing the romantic ruins of Rothenberg Castle (in Rothenberg, Odenwaldkreis, Hesse, Germany) by moonlight, with its ivy-colvered arches and crumbling towers, [...] [more...]


[picture: Winter]


An old man and woman walk together, arm in arm, in dark snowy weather. He wears a broad-brimmed hat, uses a walking-stick or cane, and has a white beard; she has a woollen winter dress an a shawl against the cols. There are houses in [...] [more...]


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