The Gentleman’s Recreation (page 2/2)

[picture: Title Page, Cosmography and Astrology]

Title Page, Cosmography and Astrology

The title page to the section of The Gentleman’s Recreation is well-known for having the misspelling Cosmgrarhy at the top left. What is more interesting about it is the way Cosmography and Astronomy (which the book also refers to as Astrology) is divided into the Universal, which treats of the history of the universe, and Special, which is Astrology and the influences thereoe, and Terestial, including Geography. The diagram continues to subdivide in ways that [...] [more...]


[picture: Title page, Agriculture Or Husbandry]

Title page, Agriculture Or Husbandry

This page has a tree of categories of items found in this part of the book, along with, outside the large oveal containing taht caegory tree, a eoman with a large sieve or net, and a man wearing only a short skirt who is digging with a shovel. In the distance at bottom middle are two people harvesting wheat using scythes. The oval border contains [...] [more...]


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