Youth’s Instruction (page 1/3)

Title: Youth’s Instruction

Author: Mason, J.

City: London

Date: 1830

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[picture: Druidical Temple, Avebury]
[picture: Ely Cathedral]
[picture: Missionary Premises at Gnadenthal.]
[picture: Dunluce Castle]
[picture: Farley Castle]

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Avebury ·Baviaanskloof ·Berwood ·Bishops Wood ·Bushmills ·County Antrim ·Ely ·Farley ·London ·Norfolk ·Shropshire ·Somerset ·Wiltshire

Pictures from The Youth’s Instructor and Guardian for 1830. This appears to have been an evangelical Christian monthly publication produced by J. Mason. I have Volume XIV (1830).

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