The People’s Gallery of Engravings


An engraving from “The People’s Gallery of Engravings” edited by N. Wright and published by Fisher, Son & Co. in London in 1844.

Pages in my copy are approx. 215×270mm in size.

I have only the first volume; it is bound together with The National Gallery of Pictures by the Great Masters, published by J & F. Tallis.

[Fisher, Son & Co. is possibly related to Fisher, Eden & Co, listed in Engan’s “Dictionary of Victorian Wood Engravers” as having offices in Lombard Street and Fenchurch Street in London, but that firm flourished from 1880 – 1900, much later than 1844.

[picture: Household Treasures.]

Household Treasures.

The engraving shows a woman one arm about a girl and the other about an older girl who in turn cuddles a small dog. There’s an ornate couch and a curtain held back with a rope in the background and the sumptuous clothing make clear taht these [...] [more...] [$]

[picture: Titlepage Illustration: The Faithful Guardian.]

Titlepage Illustration: The Faithful Guardian.

A small child, presumably a little girl, wearing a frilly lace bonnet, a dress, white stockings and tiny slippers, sits or half-kneels on the floor clutching a small dog—a puppy judging by the size of its paws—by the neck and mouth. The infant girl is looking straight towards the viewer. [...] [more...] [$]

[picture: The baron's Hall at Christmas.]

The baron’s Hall at Christmas.

We see the inside of a medieval banquet hall, probably (by the size of the windows) from the 16th Century or modified at that time. It is Christmas, and various people [...] [more...] [$]

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