The Charm of Oxford


Words and pictures from “The Charm of Oxford” by J. Wells, 1920, and illustrated by W. G. Blackall.

There is also a Project Gutenberg text edition of this book, but their images are not very good. From this edition I take it that the images and text are out of copyright, but I am not certain.

Note: the text is by Joseph Wells (1855 – 1929) and is out of copyright.

[picture: Front Cover, The Charm of Oxford]

Front Cover, The Charm of Oxford

One of the more interesting book covers I’ve seen from this period. [$]

[picture: Title Page from The Charm of Oxford]
[picture: II.---Brasenose College Quadrangle and St. Mary's Spire]

II.—Brasenose College Quadrangle and St. Mary’s Spire

“Nowhere, except at Cambridge, can the series of architectural works be paralleles, and at both universities, the charm of their ancient buildings is enhanced by [...] [more...] [$]

[picture: III.---View in Radcliffe Square]

III.—View in Radcliffe Square

“The visitor to Oxford often asks—“Where is the University?” The proper answer is: “The University is everywhere,” for the colleges are all parts of it. But if a distinction must be made, and some buildings must be shown which are especially “University Buildings,” then it is undoubtedly in the Square of which this picture shows one side, [...] [more...] [$]

[picture: IV.---Sheldonian Theatre, etc., Broad Street]
[picture: VII.---Merton College: The Library Interior]

VII.—Merton College: The Library Interior

Merton is the oldest college in Oxford, founded in the 1270s, almost 750 years ago. This sketch gives us a glimpse inside the ancient library with its rows of books so inviting. [more...] [$]

[picture: XXIV.---Wadham College, The Hall Interior (greyscale version)]

XXIV.—Wadham College, The Hall Interior (greyscale version)

A black and white picture of the drawing of the interior of Wadham College, Oxford; there is also a colour version; the original is actually printed in black but on yellowish paper with a dark purple matte border, and then mounted on grey stock. [more...] [$]

[picture: XXIV.---Wadham College, The Hall Interior]

XXIV.—Wadham College, The Hall Interior

Wadham is less altered than any other college in Oxford. [more...] [$]

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