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The Bookman

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“I can carry myself and turn over a new leaf every day in the year.” said the Bookman, smiling—Chapter 14

Tis is one of the gnomes that Peter met in the Land of Oz.

“Why, it’s a book~” burst out Peter, coming closer to make sure.

“Not a book, a bookman!” corrected the traveller, rising with Scrap’s help to his feet. “Books are old fashioned, but a bookman is right up to date. I don’t wait to be advertised, I speak for myself, I don’t lie around waiting to be read, I run after people and make them read me. I can carry myself and turn over a new leaf every day in the year. I’m very interesting!” finished the bookman, with a wide smile at Peter. Peter smiled back and how could he help it? Above his big book body the fellow had a round jolly face with floppy dog ears. His legs and arms were quite thin and he was about as tall as Scraps. (p. 220)


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