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Rosalind. In an Old Monastery Garden.
Aunt Silvia in her Domain
Emblem 1. Serpent. Eve.
Woman with initial letter “V”
Romantic Woman with Cherubs and Cartouche
How to write a love letter
62s.—Initial capital letter “S” from Dance of Death Alphabet.
783.—Costume of the time of John.
Jenny Lind
Byzantine Saint seated, with book
1052.—Border With Angels
Zodiac wheel with woman (detail)
Decorative Initial letter “I” With sunbathing lady and birds
Beggar Woman with Rosary.
160.—Begger Women with Cup and Spoon.
Ornate initial letter “W” with silhouettes of naked women
He saw her before him, dainty, alluring.
Female Macaroni.
2055.—Fair Lemons and Oranges.
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