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And I seemed to look towards Heaven, and to behold a multitude of angels who were returning upwards, having before them an exceedingly white cloud: and these angels were singing together gloriously, and the words of their song were these:

[H]osanna in Excelsis

(p. 84)

Four angels [not angles!], barefoot, with wings, and long robes, carry up up the brilliant white cloud towards a white dove. It could be a picture from a christmas card, or it could be an advertisement for soap, but in fact it’s a schene from a tragic romance. The original is printed in a reddish-yellow ink, almost like gold. Heaven is represented by three arches of mullioned windows and a Celtic or Anglo-Saxon-inspired border.

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107 x 97mm (4.2 x 3.8 inches)

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1800 dots per inch


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