The Tricolor on the Atlas; Algeria and the French Conquest


Pictures from The Tricolor on the Atlas; Algeria and the French Conquest. From the German of Dr. Wagner and Other Sources by Francis Pulszky, Esq. (Ferenc Aurelius Pulszky), New York, 1855.

This book was first published in London in 1854.

Francis Pulszky (1814 – 1897), born in Eperjes in Hungary, a place now called PreŇ°ov in Slovakia. He fled to England with the exiled Lajos Kossuth after the failed Hugarian revolution in 1848/9, and the two men later visited the USA together. Pulszky wrote some 50 books.

The original, by the Bavarian naturalist Dr. Moritz Wagner, was published in 1841 in two volumes.

I fell in love with the four tinted lithographs in this book; I am scanning them and doing minimal clean-up; they will still show some foxing and other imperfections.

[picture: Algiers]


The view, delicately coloured in pastel blues, pinks and yellow brown, shows in thr foreground a group of people on a beach. Two of the people are riding horses; another walks barefoot; they are perhaps wearing Moorish clothing. There’s a palm tree behind them and, behind that, the sity of Algiers with its white buildings. To [...] [more...] [$]

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